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Empower your business with Cloud Solutions from Techpoint IT Solutions.. Designed to enable your organisation with more agile, cost effective technologies, our Cloud services and solutions span …

Your IT infrastructure should support your business goals, not hinder them. At Techpoint IT Solutions., we simplify and optimise even the most complex infrastructures and heterogeneous operating system . …

Many organizations have embraced the concept of virtualization, only to encounter the myriad of complexities inherent in managing a virtual environment. At Techpoint IT Solutions., we not only ease the transition to virtualization …

Today’s organizations confront an explosion of data captured and collected from a multitude of sources across and beyond the enterprise. Managing and controlling this massive amount of information presents a significant challenge …

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Techpoint IT Solutions. successfully brings together customized IT solutions and comprehensive engineering expertise, and best-in-class products to offer solutions tailored to meet your organization’s unique business requirements.

We assess, design, acquire, implement and support your IT hardware and software solutions. Techpoint IT Solutions. serves mid-market, enterprise, public sector and educational organizations. Our goals are to help our clients minimize their cost structure, increase the effectiveness of their supply chain, secure their network, improve communications and develop a customized storage management solution.

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For large-scale integration projects with complex requirements, we have the unique capabilities to build your integrated solution in our state-of-the-art testing lab. This allows us to test each stage of the integration without disrupting your operations or taking up your valuable data center space. We’ll make sure your integrated systems work before they go live in your environment. Which means you’ll get a customized solution built to meet your specific needs, and to perform when, where and how you need it to.


Throughout every phase of the implementation, our seasoned experts provide you with a detailed plan mapping out how best to deploy the solution with minimized risk and downtime. Beyond a working solution, we’ll equip you with complete documentation to keep the environment running smoothly, long after we’ve left the building. We transfer our knowledge to your team, empowering them to manage and maximize the value of your technology investments. So that your people become your greatest IT asset.


Using our findings as a base, we take a technology-neutral approach to filter the myriad of available options to those that can be deployed realistically, within your current environment, budget and scope. Once we’ve defined your requirements and our recommended action, we then begin the process of defining a practical deployment strategy that gets your solution up and running efficiently and cost-effectively.


At Technopoint IT Solution., we’ll help you understand just how vulnerable your data is — and what threats it’s up against. Our on-staff Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) expose and eliminate risks, helping you select and implement solutions that protect your — and your customers’ — data. More than the best products, we’ll work with you to develop and implement best practices for securing your network and infrastructure, as well as the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information they transport.

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